Environmental Health Officer Calls for Prosecution of Owners of Stray Animals


The District Environmental Health Officer for Asutifi North District of the  Ahafo Region of Ghana, James Oware has called for the prosecution of owners of life stocks who leave their animals astray.

According to the Environmental Officer, the laws of the land gives powers and authority to some people to arrest, charge and prosecute owners of animals which are allowed to move freely in our streets and highways and so people charged with such powers and authority must act.

He stated that these stray animals such as sheep, cattle, goats, donkeys, fowls, dogs, pigs among others cause havoc in the society by destroying people’s property and defecating indiscriminately to cause health problems to the populace.


However, he stated that implementation of laws that prohibit owners of such animals from letting loose the animals have been difficult. This he says is due to the actions of opinion leaders and chiefs in the area who are always quick to intervene on behalf of these ‘recalcitrant’ who let their animals go astray.Mr. Oware who was speaking in an interview with the Evening Mail stated that actions of such opinion leaders are making the clamping down and dealing of owners of stray animals difficult.

He however added that henceforth, the District Environmental Health office will take firm stance and see to it that the law works to the latter.

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He said as officers of the environment, they have planned to take these animals to the district pen and further sue the recalcitrant owners.

He said, the public order act and the environmental protection act gives them the mandate to embark on such exercises hoping that the prosecutors who will be made to handle the prosecution will do a better job.

He used the opportunity to warned the victims of the stray animals who take the law into their hands by killing or maiming the animals  to desist from such acts.


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