Ghanaian found dead in His Room in China; 35 Arrested

Mr. Jones Kuhlor, the deceased

A Ghanaian by name Jones Kuhlor has been found dead in his Apartment at Shiangmeng in the Fujin province of China.

The deceased according to President of the United Ghana Association in China, Mr. Amedorme Selorm who confirmed the news to the Evening Mail was found at a time that the corpse had started decomposing.

Speaking to us, Mr. Selorm said colleagues and others in the area had not seen nor heard about Mr. Kuhlor for sometime. However, a strong stench coming from his apartment raised alarm in the area where he lived.
He said, the strong stench forced people of the locality to inform China’s police authority about the situation.

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Mr. Selorm stated that when the police authority forcefully broke into the apartment, the lifeless body of Mr. Kuhlor was found decomposing.

The situation forced the Chinese police to conduct a random swoop in the province where a number of Ghanaians live. Upon the swoop, about 35 of the Ghanaians were arrested for breaching Chinese immigration laws and staying in the country illegally.

The 35 are currently in police custody in China awaiting prosecution.

Mr. Selorm stated that, the 35 if not deported as soon as possible may be sentenced by the Chinese court and may have to spend several years in Chinese prison.

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The United Ghana Association in China is therefore appealing to the Ghana government to intervene to help the arrested to be deported to Ghana.

They also want the government to help them locate the family of the deceased for further burial and funeral arrangement.


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