Little Knowledge Of Date Of Birth, Higher Risk Of Mental Problems – Mental Health Expert Warn


TAmeCPeNY, a social group has revealed that people’s inability to know their date of birth can result in mental problem.

Ghanaians do not particularly love numbers. But numbers play a major role in someone’s life. We don’t pay much attention to tend to figures that have to do with age.

Someone’s date of birth or age is not considered important and very rarely features in any story about that person.
I know that in some parts of the world, once you are born and you acquire a date of birth, it stays with you. It is unchangeable and you die with it. But some Ghanaian mothers don’t even know the actual date of birth of their children which can lead them to mental problem one day.
A social group calling itself TAmeCPeNY (Think About mental challenge person Near You) with the purpose of creating awareness is urging the public to take note of the fact that, the day, the month and the year in which you were born also contribute to things that is not healthy for your body and your mind.

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The group recently came up with a research that persons conceived on the following dates (4th, 13th, 22nd, and 31st) of every month are likely to face challenges pertaining to mental health if they do not stay away from narcotics (of all kinds).

Aaccording to them, every person is at risk, irrespective of the year of birth.

Per research conducted by the group, most cases of mental illness are greatly contributed by excessive intake of narcotics which includes all kind of harmful drugs.

This research they say is part of measures to educate, control and prevent the high risk of mental health. In response to a Mental Health Authority letter dated 15th November, 2018 and signed by Dr. Caroline Amissah, Deputy Chief Executive of , said “we are happy to collaborate with you (TAmeCPeNY).

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Once upon a time it was illiterate parents that did not bother to get the births of their children recorded and with time the date got lost in the mists of memory.

A birth certificate is supposed to be provided before a child can be enrolled in school but somehow or other, many people are able to get their children into school without birth certificates.




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