Leaked Tape: NDC is behind all the serial killings and kidnapping


By Dawda Eric

For some time now, we as a people have experienced some atrocious crimes being perpetrated by some individuals in this country. Kidnapping and contract killing are now the two most dangerous offenses gaining grounds in this country. If you go to Sekondi Takoradi and other parts of this country, kidnapping is on ascendancy as well as a contract killing.

In the wake up of events and unfolding revelation(s), the chairman of the National Democratic Congress, a Pentecost Elder, is heard on tape endorsing politics of calumny with plans to overtly and covertly subvert the security of this country. The wickedness of the NDC has indeed been exposed in the said audio and for that matter, whoever recorded the said meeting should be commended for exhibiting such patriotism in the interest of the Nation.

I have carefully listened to the audio and the nature of its content is so explosive to the extent that, it cant be compared to a “dynamite” used by mining companies during the extraction of mineral resources. In the said audio, he is heard disclosing evil plans by the NDC to make lives uncomfortable for some people in this country as a means to let it look as if, Ghanaians aren’t safe under Nana Akufo Addo’s government.


That wicked meeting according to reports was organised by the party’s communication team chaired by their dishonest communication officer, who is being alleged to have, recorded the voice of his party chairman was organised to deliberate on the scuffles which we are told characterized the AWW by-election.

In the tape, Ofosu Ampofo was heard justifying why the party withdrew from the contest and alluded to the fact that, the men they brought from Tamale were spotted on arrival. He also said that, Sofoh Azorka, the financier of Azorka boys( party militia group which belongs to the NDC) had called him to thank him for that decision he took because, the way the security men dealt with those boys, he wouldn’t have been in any better position to know how his boys would have gone back to Tamale.

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It is indeed true that NDC as a party brought their goons and allowed them to lodge at the official residence of their parliamentary candidate purposely to cause a commotion. Unfortunately, they fell on their own sword when the police SWAT team upon intelligence descended heavily on those common criminals.

What is more painful is the fact that, when they fell on their own deadly sword, “greedy Mahama” took advantage of that and gathered diplomats and presented a different case to them and ended up damaging the reputation of this country internationally for nothing.

The wicked agenda of the NDC to subvert the security of this country which is the sovereign Will of the good people of Ghana for political gains is enough justification for any sane man on the street to describe the NDC as an Evil party.

If I am not mistaken, not less than five criminal charges could be proffered on Ofosu Ampofo in respect of things he is on credible record to have said.

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The plot in the audio Is criminal within the ambit and purview of the criminal offences Act 1960(Act 29) particularly sections, 19,18,20,23,24 of same Act.

Two years in opposition and the NDC is in a hurry to stage a come back to cause more damage to the economic fundamentals of this country. Questions ought to be asked as to why after eight years in government, the NDC is trying everything possible to stage a come back two years in opposition. Is it the case of coming to CREATE, LOOT AND SHARE the resources of this country?

NDC is a milking cow and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere in the governance of the state if we want this country to progress.” NDC is a criminal organisation” and must be disbanded like how we are trying very hard as a country to disband activities of party militias.

#NDC is synonymous to cancer#
Dawda Eric (Equity)
Citizen Vigilance for Justice


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