Mahama’s government was the most terrible under 4th republic – Former NDC National Treasurer


Alhaji Abdullah Ahmed Abdulla affectionately called Alhaji PMC has described the administration under former President John Dramani Mahama as the most terrible era under the fourth republic, reports.

He disclosed that since the inception of the fourth republican constitution, there is nowhere greed and hatred has taken centre stage as the last four years of the Mahama administration which makes it one of the terrible governments ever to have been witnessed.

“I keep telling you that ever since I became of age and engaged myself in politics, I have never seen greed and hatred like the four years of John Mahama. I told you his appointees were very rude and disrespectful. What kind of training did he give to them to the extent that elders like us were disrespected with impunity”, he quizzed

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The former NDC national executive observed that the conduct of his appointees is the direct opposite of what happened during the era of the party’s founder Jerry John Rawlings wondering if this is the same NDC he led before exiting after two terms.

According to him, most of the elders are unwilling to take part in active politics any longer because the political neophytes have been injected into the system with a special breed of raining to insult elders who have laboured to build the party.

Recounting the NDC’s success periods, he said “Those who were not up to 35 years in 1991 would shut up when elders of the party speak or advise but today they are these persons would be unleashed to insult you when you speak. Some youth are just there monitoring various media platforms once they hear your voice, they would start insulting. That is the reason some of us have us have withdrawn from politics”, he revealed.


In his view, those babies with sharp teeth insulting their party elders have been promised appointments in the next government of the NDC warning that they could be treading on dangerous ground because their actions are drawing the fortunes of the party backwards.

“They are destroying the party which is moving like 1983 bush fire in Ghana”, he warned.



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