Flashback: Kate Gyamfua’s 2018 International Women’s Day Message

Kate Gyamfua Celebrates The Ghanaian Woman On International Women’s Day

I celebrate women on this special day of International Women’s Day
In our everyday lives, women continue to be a source of inspiration to society through diverse ways.

Fortunately, we have gotten to the era where the woman’s office is not just the kitchen and the bedroom. Women are taking on enormous challenges and proving to be competitive in all their endeavours.

Regardless of our successes, we are still faced with a number of challenges. In this day and age, the African old poor woman is still branded as witch in many cultures. Many men still feel the role of the woman should be limited to the kitchen and the bedroom.

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However, from time immemorial, the woman aside all the numerous societal injustices continue to play significant role in national development.

On this special day, I use the opportunity to reiterate my call that as a country it is time we begin to reflect on the many roles women played in our independence struggle.

On this day, I wish all Women a Happy International Women’s Day.

Let us continue to shape our society.

National Women’s Organiser Hopeful
New patriotic party


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