Tell politicians to use their children to perpetrate violence – Bawumia


Ghana’s vice president Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has advised the youth not to allow politicians to use them as tools to perpetrate violence while their children are enjoying better lives.

Condemning the increasing rate of political vigilantism in Ghana, Dr. Bawumia said: “They come to you and tell you to go and perpetuate violence and other acts while their own children are in school, doing good jobs or abroad working to better their lives. When these politicians come to you, ask them why they are not using their own children to do what they’re asking you to do.”

Speaking at 51st anniversary celebration of the birth of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by Sheikh Abdul Wadud in Kumasi on Sunday, March 10, 2019, Bawumia called on the Zongo community in particular to resist attempts to use them for political vices.


Job-lantes not vigilantes

Rather, they should concentrate on tackling the major concerns of the Zongo communities, including jobs, education, and business development, thereby forming ‘Job-lantes, Edu-lantes and Blanesnes’ instead of vigilante groups, to promote their welfare and the development of the nation.

“Allah has blessed the Zongo youth with multiple positive attributes and talents such as strength, courage, knowledge, sports skill, entrepreneurship, vocational skill, etc. and I want to urge the youth of this country, particularly my dear brothers in the Zongo Communities to put their God-given talents to good use for their own benefits and for the benefit of their respective families, communities as well as the nation.

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“The youth of our country, particularly my brothers from the Zongo Communities, should not, under any circumstance, avail themselves to be used for any illegal activity, which also poses great risks to their valuable and cherished lives.

“I want to urge the youth who are involved in the operations of the various political parties to exist bit ga great sense of tolerance, whether in tan is an intra-party, or inter-party contest. For the Zongo and Muslim youth, it is even more important, and an obligation to be tolerant and peaceful in accordance with the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad,” Alhaji Dr.Bawumia stated.

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He said the government is working around the clock to address the issue of unemployment by introducing key programmes to accelerate development.

“Also, the government is set to undertake massive infrastructure development in the roads and other construction sectors this year, and this will create employment opportunities for many of our skilled and unskilled youth across the country, ” he added.


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