Perspective of the Ghanaian youth

By Amoakohene Frank.

The events of 2016 sometimes give some level of credence to the assertion that politics is just an arena of lies and deception.
That in politics, winning is all that matters, say whatever, promise whatever just to have your way.

During the 2016 electioneering process, the NPP succeeded in tagging the NDC government negatively to both the ordinary voter and to our own members.

The NPP succeeded in making even some members of the NDC believe that indeed Ghana was on the verge of collapsing under John Mahama and the NDC. That the government was corrupt, incompetent and insensitive to the plights of Ghanaians.

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We were told that “Ghana B3y3 d33 d33 d3, Yeti sika so nso 3kom di y3n” ( To wit, Ghana will be sweet, we sit on money yet hungry) as a result of Mahama’s insensitivity.

Most Ghanaians were full of hopes that the said money we “sit on” would be made abundantly available to lessen our yolk.

More so, the NPP drew up a mouth watering manifesto that got to most Ghanaians.
These deceptions won the NPP the 2016 elections.

*How they Succeeded in winning the Youth*

The NPP made a lot of references to the Kuffour government to convince those who did not witness that regime to think of NPP as a better option with all the answers.
Those references actually aroused curiosity in new voters to want to vote for change.

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*The reality after the Victory*

The performance of the NPP so far is evident for the judgement of all. The disappointments, regrets, etc.

In fact, “I was young and now I’m old”, yet I have never seen “self set timelines and standards defied more than what have been witnessed under this Government.

Just a little over two years into the NPP government, they have been hit by the most numerous, fatal and unmatched corruption scandals than ever witnessed under any Government, coupled with a fast growing atmosphere of insecurity and high cost of living.

They have not been able to even honour their basic promise of Dams, factories and even *STABILISING THE GHANA CEDI.*

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Fortunately for the Ghanian, we have an opportunity to cast a vote of assessment on the 4 year term of both the current regime and that of President John’ Dramani Mahama. A choice between delusional promises and reality, a choice between progress and fast retrogression.

Ghana is rising

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*BY Amoakohene Frank*
_The Democratic Forum_
_Accra, Ghana.


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