Why staying in touch with your ex can be a BIG mistake


1. Life after a breakup

Dealing with your life after a bad break up is one of the hardest battles you fight with yourself. Every day, something or another reminds you of your ex-partner and dealing with this nostalgia is not easy. We all analyze what went wrong in the relationship and how we could have done things differently, isn’t it?

Well, this all is a part of moving on from your past but amidst all this, many of us give in to the temptation of staying in touch with our ex-lover. Does this so-called friendship help one to heal and make peace with the situation? The answer might be a ‘no’. Here are a few reasons why cutting off all the contacts with your ex may be the best thing to do after a heartbreak.

2. Let the realization hit!

Nobody moves on from a break up in a day. It takes days (sometimes, even months) to let the realization of not having that person in your life anymore sink in. Like everyone else, you will take your own time to heal and bounce back to normal life.

Do you think you would be able to move on when you are still talking to your ex-love flame every day like nothing has happened?

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3. You need to process your feelings

You can only process your feelings and understand yourself better when you cut off your contacts from your ex and take some time off from dating. Whether it is anger, irritation, sadness or restlessness, you need to address your emotions and know none of these feelings are permanent. Again, you will only add confusion to your already existing emotional turmoil by staying friends with your ex. It’s surely not worth it.

4. If you stay in touch…

Let’s imagine you decide to stay friends with your ex immediately after the breakup. We bet your conversation would ultimately veer towards the good and bad days you guys spent together. The thought of your partner hanging out with new people and having fun would make you a little uncomfortable and ruin your own peace of mind. Most importantly, would you be okay when your ex-partner would start seeing other people and treat you as just another friend?

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5. Remember why you broke up

Sometimes, staying friends make you or your ex-partner cling to the false hope that things might work out. Do you really want to play with your emotions and get stuck with such a dilemma? There is a reason you both decided to part ways and over analyzing it would only complicate your life for no good reason.

6. Start your life afresh

Remember, a break up is not the end of your world and life always has amazing things in store for you. Rather than letting your past impact your present, start your life with a clean state. Fall in love with your own self before investing your emotions in someone else, and learn to keep your happiness in your own hands.

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7. You can be friends only when…

You can only be friends when both of you have completely moved on in your life. You do not have an iota of romantic feelings for each other and are happy to see your ex dating someone else. Trust us, no one reaches this stage after a few days of the breakup. What you can do is to accept the situation, focus on things you love and be your own hero. It isn’t rocket science!

Source: Timesofindia.indiatimes.com


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