The historic creation of the Oti region has necessitated for an emergency regional delegates conferences for the election of executives to vacant positions within the Region.
An opportunity to elect maiden executives for Oti region towards the 2020 election.
Therefore,we have to elect leaders that can help execute the 2020 victory agenda for more seats.
And leaders that have national exposure,to mobilise enough resources towards the 2020 election massive victory,to show some gratitude to the President for creation of Oti region.

Abubakar Adams was born in Kete-Krachi.
He is a rural development practitioner by profession,and has a considerable knowledge and understanding of the Oil and Gas industry because of his work experience at National Petroleum Authority and at Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation company.
He is a young politician who has solely dedicated his young adult life to the service of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) as Youth Leader/Activist, Writer, Politician, Strategist.
A Personal Aide to former National Nasara coordinator Kamal-deen Abdulai and administrator at the office of the National Nasara coordinator and deputy director of operations for 2016 campaign,And trained and certified in Election strategy by the outreach department of the conservative party in UK.

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Also,a Student Leader during his university days by serving as USAG coordinating secretary in 2014-15.
And UDS Wa Campus SRC PRO 2014,and deputy Communications officer for UDS TESCON 2011-14.
He holds a B.A
Development studies with speciality in Rural development from University for Development studies UDS.
Masters of Public administration at the University of Ghana Business School.
And a Candidate for international examination on basic occupational Health and safety. (NEBOSH)

Above all these impeccable educational and political background,
he has work experience as an,
Administrator, Legal Aid Sunyani.
Price surveillance officer, National Petroleum Authority.
Assistant Protocol officer, pilgrims Affairs of Ghana.

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Moreover,he contributed immensely towards the campaign of the creation of Oti region,by serving as the spokesperson for the Movement for Oti Region(MOFOR),a group consisting of youths across the Oti enclave to campaign and support the creation of Oti region.
He went further to sponsor the printing of 500 T- shirts for the group campaign.
As if that wasn’t enough, he also sponsored the transportation of some youths from Accra to Kete-Krachi to vote in the referendum,and was present to also vote.
But unfortunately, during his return to Accra, he survived a near fatal accident on the Accra motorway,but that didn’t deter him to come back in readiness and willingness to serve in Oti region.

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Abubakar Adams if elected as the Deputy Secretary of the NPP in the Oti region brings to the table rich experience in reporting and updating Timely,Accuracy and Transparency to the grassroots,with his vast repertoire of experience in Research, Strategic Thinking, Analytical Skills, Humility and Commitment to sustaining the NPP in power for Victory 2020 and winning more seats in Oti region.


Hukash Muntari
NPP Deputy Communication Director(Social Media)
Krachi West constituency.


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