While there are thousands of Ghanaians out there who are frantically looking forward to be employed into one state agency or the other, with many already employed, the National Democratic Congress is roadblocking these efforts with a proposition that sounds pathetic if not inhuman.

The economic theory of the opposition NDC, it is an open secret, is modeled on retrenching more working Ghanaians in order to achieve a stated objective.

According to Dr Nii Moi Thompson of the NDC, for the cedi’s downhill spiral to be deflated, the Akufo-Addo administration should sack workers and stop employing others and that, he postulates, would be the antidote for the local currency’s woes.

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Impliedly, should the NDC come to power, more people would be retrenched and no new people would be employed.

As strange as his prognosis may seem, a quick trip into time would reveal to us that this was the same model they rolled out when they were in power. For years, there was a freeze on employment to the extent that even nurses, teachers and other professionals in other sectors were denied employment under the NDC.

President Akuffo-Addo’s government has defied the odds and has employed thousands of people into various sectors of the economy. This call by the NDC to reverse these employments is not only uncalled for but wicked as well.

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The welfare of the people in any economy should be prioritized. It is of paramount importance to any administration worth its salt to place the very survival of the populace above some weird and imported theories which yield no substantial gains for the country.

What is ironic in all these is the fact that the cedi was 1.2 to a dollar when the NDC took over in 2009, but this same practiced model Dr. Thompson is singing melodiously was in full swing but when they were leaving power in 2016, the cedi was 4.3 to the US dollar.

It is evidently clear that this policy of the NDC was ineffective and, therefore, should not be propounded for usage. The NDC, it is more than obvious, is relishing sacking workers to keep a stable cedi should they be given another opportunity to govern.

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