Involve the Presby Church in Management of their Schools-PCG Moderator


The moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rt.Rev.Prof J. O. Y Mante has called on the government to involve the church in  decision-making whenever its about Presbyterian Institutions.

According to the revered Professor, the government has many at times refused  to involve the church  in taking decisions on their institutions.

He stated that, sometimes when they need teachers for some of their schools, they need to go begging the Ghana Education Service, when the church has a lot of professionally trained teachers who can fit into such roles.

He described the situation as worrying and disheartening.

He further said that, the Presbyterian Church has always transcend their disciplinary values into all their institutions which when given the opportunity to oversee the day to day running of their schools would inure well to all Ghanaians.

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He was speaking to the media at Aburi in the Eastern Region, during the 90th Anniversary ceremony of the Presbyterian women’s colleges of Education(PWCE) over the weekend.

Minister of State in Charge of Tertiary Education, Hon Prof Kwesi Yankah expressed that, the governing Council of Colleges of Education in the Country have been formed and will be inaugurated this week.

Adding his voice to the moral values of teachers he admonished students of the PWCE to deliver with excellence.

Source: The Evening Mail


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