Students Bemoan Late Payment of Students Loan


Some beneficiaries of the Students Loan Trust Fund have expressed their disquiet about the delay in the payment of the students loan.

According to the students, the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo government has shun the interest of university students who depend on the students loan and only concentrating on trainees who take allowance.


In a press statement copied to the The Evening Mail, the students stated that last semester some students were sacked from examination halls because the loans were not paid on time.

According to the students who are calling themselves ‘Coalition of Students Loan Trust Fund Beneficiaries’, most of them depend on the loan to support their fees and the delay in the payment affects their academic activities.

They stated that, the current semester is at its tail end and yet the loan has still not been paid, a situation which has become a source of worry to them.

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Failed Promise

The students stated that aside the delay in payment, the government has also failed in honouring its campaign promise of increasing the loan by 50%.

They are therefore calling on the Students Loan Trust Fund to fast track the payment of the loan.

The students are also calling on the government to honour it’s promise by increasing the amount paid to students.

Below is the statement from the Students


We extends warm greetings to the entire student populace, the media and the general public.

We the coalition of students loan trust fund (SLTF) beneficiaries wish to use this medium to inform the media and the general public about the neglect of SLTF beneficiaries who are university students by Government.

(1) The NPP government have ignored the university students and rather focusing only on Nursing and the teacher trainees.

(2) The government has sealed its ears to our cry and has forgotten their campaign promise to university students that they would increase the SLTF by 50% when voted into power.

(3) The NPP government has also forgotten that the university students don’t take allowances but rather loans which supports their successful studies through university education.

(4) The government have failed to pay the students loan on time. Students were turned away from writing their exams last semester because they were not able to fulfill their financial obligations to their various institution.
This semester money too has been delayed. The semester is almost at the end and the student loan has still not been disbursed.

(5) Students are asked to vacate their hostels because they have not paid the hostel rent fees in full.
Students on the fund are therefore saying enough is enough government.

In conclusion, we are calling on NUGs and USAG to intervene on our behalf and appeal to government to fulfill its obligation to university students who are beneficiaries of the SLTF.


Thank you.

Student Activist
University of Education Winneba.

Source: The Evening Mail


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