C/R: NDC Suspends Communication Director over ‘Fraud’

Kwesi Dawood, Suspended NDC C/R Communication Director

The Regional communication Director of the opposition National Democratic Congress in the Central Region, Kwesi Dawood, has been suspended by the party for engaging in alleged ‘fraudulent’ activities in the region.

According to information available to the https://eveningmailgh.com, Mr. Dawood is alleged to be using the party’s name to perpetrate fraudulent activities in the region.

According to our sources, Mr. Dawood’s main victims have been hotel operators,car rentals companies and individuals where he uses his position to dupe them of their hard earned resources.


In a statement available to the https://eveningmailgh.com and signed  by the Party’s Regional Secretary, Kwofie Matthew, the party confirmed that Mr. Kwesi Dawood has been suspended as the Regional Communication Officer for a period of six months. His suspension took effect from Friday 10th May. 2019.

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Disciplinary Committee
The allegations of fraud against the regional Communication director has however been referred to the Regional Disciplinary Committee for hearing.
According to our insider sources within the NDC, Kwesi Dawood has been charged with 21 different cases of fraud. Our sources further revealed to us that Mr. Dawood’s suspension may be extended if he falls guilty to some of the key allegations against him.



Meanwhile Lawrence Kwesi Ghartey, the Deputy Regional Communication Officer has been asked by the party to take over as the ACTING REGIONAL COMMUNICATION OFFICER of the NDC. The letter which was addressed to the media stated that “All communication activities of the
party, as well as issues and concerns about party communications in the region are to be directed to him henceforth.”

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Source: https://eveningmailgh.com


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