New Juaben South Assembly Members get new Motor bikes


The New Juabeng South Municipal Assembly has gotten hold of 51 motor bikes to be distributed to all Assembly Members within the Municipality.

The 51 Motor bikes are part of the first consignment of 1238 motor bikes that are supposed to be distributed to all Assembly Members in the Eastern region.

The motor bikes which are the local government and the District Assemblies Common fund initiative are being provided by JSC Logistics.


Receiving the first consignment from the JSC Logistics, the Eastern Regional Minister, Eric Kwakye Darfour stated that the motor bikes are meant to help the Assembly Members reach out to all the people in the electoral area with ease. He promised that he will make sure the other consignments for the other district Assemblies are ready as soon as possible.



The Municipal Chief Executive of the New Juaben south Municipality, Ike Apaw Gyasi, whose Municipality had their motor bikes as part of the first consignment expressed appreciation to the government for making the bikes available for them.


Speaking to the Evening Mail after receiving his bikes on behalf of his Assembly Members, Mr. Apaw Gyasi stated that his Assembly Members have been given him “hell loads of complaints” on a daily basis over the delay in the coming of the bikes. He stated that the motor bikes are free for all Assembly Members to enhance their work and boost their morale.

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He advised the Assembly Members to ensure proper maintenance of the bikes and to avoid drink riding. He also pleaded with them to be very careful when using the bikes and always put on the crash helmets that come with the bikes.


Opoku Gyamfi Emmanuel, Assembly Member for Nyerede Electoral Area in the New Juaben South also could not hide his joy for the delivery of the bikes. He told us that the Assembly Members are not paid for their work and so using one’s own money for all the movements associated with the job was becoming a hell. “We are only given transportation by the Assembly when we come for Assembly meetings. All other movements such as electoral area visitation, lobbying for projects for your electoral area and attending subcommittee meetings are funded by ourselves. These motor bikes will therefore cushion us in our work.” Mr. Opoku Gyamfi told the Evening Mail.

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He admonished his colleagues not to sell the motor bikes or use them for commercial ‘okada’ activities since that is not the purpose for the motor bikes.



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