10 Qualities of a Good leader

    qualities of a leader

    A leader is someone or something that leads a group of people, association and others.

    There are different types of leadership styles. Laissez faire, democratic, autocratic, team leadership and others.

    In all of these above- listed styles of leadership, one is expected to possess a kind of quality in other to help him or her to be successful.

    Ten of such qualities are highlighted and demystified below;

    1. Tolerant: Anyone who aspires to be a leader must be ready to tolerate the views and opinions of followers or workers.A leader who decides to debunk ideas of followers or workers may ends up failing to accomplish his visions and missions.

    2. Humility: To be humble is a key in order to gain maximum respect from your subordinates. A leader should not feel proud. Been proud may cause you to lose respect from workers or followers and customers as well. The Holy Bible, Holy Qur’an and the ATR believe that if a person wants to be a successful and great leader, he has to be humble.

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    3. Meekness: To be meek means having or showing a quiet and
    gentlenature; not wanting to fight  or argue with other people. Notwithstanding, to be meek does not mean being stupid. A leader should not be making “unnecessary argument with subordinates either at work, text message or on phone call.

    4. Dedicated: A leader should have a very strong support for or loyalty  to a person, group, cause, etc. He or she should be dedicated to serve his people whenever the needs arise without given out excuses or finding ways of shirking his responsibilities.

    5. Committed: Whenever leadership is bestowed on a person, he should endeavour to do the work and serve willingly. Failure on the part of the leader to be committed would render (some if not all) the followers incapacitated.

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    6. Hardworking: There is an adage, “Hard work does not break bones.” Therefore, as a leader, you should work extra mile in order for subordinates or workers to follow suit. This means that, workers are going to put up lackadaisical attitude when the leader relaxes.

    7. Ability to withstand pressure from subordinates: A leader should also be able to withstand the pressures that may come along throughout discharge of his duties. Pressures could come from spouse, workers or customers and as a leader, you must be able to succumb all these challenges.

    8. Innovative: A leader should also be innovative. He should be able to establish ideas that would go a long way to help keep the outfit moving and active. A leader with vision is an innovative leader.

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    9. Ability to mobilise resources to fetch your group income: As a leader, you should mobilise resources from all angles to help sustain the work, workers and customers. There are so many ways of mobilising resources and it is the responsibility of the leader to find their whereabouts.

    10. Ability to unite all members of your association or enterprise: Finally, a leader should be able to unite members and followers and put them under one umbrella. Whenever there is crisis at the workplace, it is his duty to help find remedy to the pending issue on ground. Failing to solve such petty problems could ruin the vision of the leader.

    Source: Eveningmailgh.com


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