Amaning Donates ‘Aboboyaa’ to NPP members


By: Adade Dadzie

The Chairman for the Nana-Bawumia Movement, Mr. Paul Kwabena Amaning has presented about 60 tricycles known in the local parlance as ‘aboboyaa’ to some members of the group.

Prior to the 2016 general elections lots of voluntary groups evolved  to advocate for the need for an administrative change in Ghana’s political circles.

Among these groups was the Nana-Bawumia Movement — a movement that strongly advocated for the need for a change of the then NDC-led government presided over by the former President, John D. Mahama.

The Nana-Bawumia Movement under the leadership of Mr. Paul Kwabena Amaning over the week secured some appreciable number of tricycles for her members as a means of acknowledging the efforts and contributions of members of the movement.

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The machinery that amounted to sixty (60) in total forms part of the measures being taken by the leadership of the movement to ensure that, the loyal members of the group have a fair share of their toils and struggles towards the unprecedented victory chalked by the New Patriotic Party in the 2016 Presidential Elections.

According to Mr. Paul Amaning, the focus and vision that drives the NABA Movement is evident in the policies and programs of the ruling government.

He furthered added, “The government will do everything within his capacity to advance the course of this country. However, it does not take solely the government to develop a country.”

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“We need to come together as individuals and as voluntary groups to join hands and pursue this mutual course in realizing the goal of a Ghana beyond aid.” He added.

Beneficiaries of the movement expressed their profound gratitude to the leadership of the group for the provision of the tricycles and how they were going to help them in their daily activities.

The additionally expressed their gratitude to the government for the policies and programs that are being meted out to entire populace as a means of fairly distributing the national cake.




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