Video: Don’t be put off by ‘Prostitute’ tag; young women in politics advised

Abigail Agyare Owusua, Eastern Captain of Loyal Ladies

A grass-roots activist has advised young women who are enthusiastic about politics not to be swayed by abuse aimed at them with the intention of discouraging them. Gendered abuse is often aimed at women who enter politics. It is not uncommon for some people to refer to women in politics as “bed warmers” for big men.

Speaking with on the SayItRight in 27 show with Kwasi Frimpong, the Eastern Regional captain of the New Patriotic Party’s Loyal Ladies Abigail Agyare Owusua, advised young women to stay focused and not be swayed by such comments.


Ms. Owusua speaking with Kwasi Frimpong on the SayItRight in 27 Show

The old saying “Every sweet thing comes with bile” is not for nothing, she said. She pleaded
with young women to concentrate on what they are doing for the political parties to which they belong and not to focus on matters which are mere distractions.

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Only human
Ms Owusua said it is very discouraging when such abuse is directed at young women.
Although she is not perturbed when she hears such things, she said, it makes managing an all-women group such as the Loyal Ladies quite difficult.

“We are human. Sometimes it gets to us.Sometimes the ladies get really disturbed when such disparaging words are used on them.

“But we only encourage them to stay focused and not to be disheartened,” she told the
Evening Mail.

Plans to expand
Ms Owusua said plans are in place to expand the group in the Eastern Region in the run-up to the 2020 gencral election. She said the group is introducing measures to reach all 33 constituencies in the region by the end of 2019.

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It will be organising a health walk tomorrow in the Aburi constituency, after which the local chapter of Loyal Ladies will be launched.

Ms Owusua said plans are also far advanced to launch branches of the group in Asuogyaman, Lower Manya, Upper West Akyem and all orphan constituencies in the region as soon as possible.

Steady support
She expressed her heartfelt appreciation to certain business leaders and heads of institutions who hail from the region for their continuous support for the group.
She also thanked the NPP regional executives, metropolitan, municipal and district chief executives and local MPs for helping the group to stand on its own feet.

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Ms Owusua welcomed new volunteer groups which have been formed as the party prepares for the 2020 elections. She said the task in the build-up to 2020 is herculean, so new groups such as the Staunch Queens, Women’s Wing Maidens and Bold Patriots are all welcome in helping to hold the fort.

“We shall collaborate, and as and when we need the support of any of the new groups in any of our activities, we shall not hesitate to call on them,” she said.




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