My ‘sugar mummy’ almost killed me with sex – Legon student reveals


Agyapong Jonas, a 24-year-old student in a university in Ghana, has narrated how the excessive demand for sex from his ‘sugar mummy’ almost cost his life.

Jonas said he met his ‘sugar mummy’ on a Facebook page which was created for only ‘sugar mummies.’

He explained that the page introduces young men who are sexually active to old ladies who are rich and comfortable in life.


According to Jonas, his decision to join the group was the fact that he needed money to pay his fees and also cater for his younger siblings since he was the breadwinner of his family.

“A friend introduced me to it after listening to my predicaments and I did though I was scared,” Jonas narrated.

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According to Jonas’ narration, two weeks after joining and chatting with a couple of the ‘sugar mummies’, he met one of them who took very good care of him.

“She gave me everything I wanted even when I didn’t ask and this was due to the good sexual pleasure I gave her. In fact, money wasn’t a problem for me at all,” he explained.

Jonas claims they made love eight times in a day, an act that he confessed almost destroyed his life.


According to Jonas, his ‘sugar mummy’ disclosed to him that her problems were linked to depression and a lack of serotonin, a chemical that helps send nerve signals and is linked to functions including mood, behaviour and sexual desire.

Asked whether his ‘sugar mummy’ was married, Jonas disclosed that she was a widow. “Her husband died seven years ago through an accident and for that matter she is single.

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“She has given me everything but my sex life is destroyed to the extent that I don’t discharge sperms anymore. I sometimes discharge blood when I make love to her because of the numerous rounds of love-making.

He has therefore warned against the dating of ‘Sugar Mommies.’

“Don’t look at your current position because that may lead to regrets in the future because dating oldies has its own way of tearing ones life into pieces,” he noted.

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