If going nude makes you happy, go for it but … – Tracy Boakye


Actor John Dumelo says he has been inspired to create over 5000 jobs to help the the teeming youth of the country, many of whom are struggling for jobs, ABC News can report.

The move, according to the actor, is to create a ‘help cycle’ so that those currently being helped can in turn, help others.

In a twitter post by the actor and seen by ABC News Ghana Friday, John Dumelo said he was ready to give money to followers who were in need.

Actress Tracy Boakye has tasked her fellow female colleagues in the industry to reconsider going nude on social media as a means to reaching fame.

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According to the actress, she understands the struggles that come with the profession and does not mind someone going nude but it has to be with a purpose.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Tracy Boakye said, “after posting nude photos on social media, what do you gain, if you do not make good use of the fame and followers it brings you?”


She explained, actresses should work on their craft and use the fame, gained, to positively affect the society and their fans.

The actress said, she does not only work as an actress but has several businesses she used her fame to start. She explained these businesses, in turn, employ others in the society who need the work.

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Some female celebrities in the past years have seen no trouble with going naked in movies or social media. This has attracted backlashes over the years but some people seem unfazed by the action.

Actress Christabel Ekeh was one of such who faced hell from Ghanaians after she posted some nude photos of herself online, in 2017.

Recently, during her visit to the former president John Kufuor, singer Wendy Shay, faced backlash from social media users for her body-hugging crop top and trousers.

Although the ‘Uber Driver’ hitmaker had not gone nude, many called saw her dressing inappropriate.

“If it makes you happy to go naked, it’s fine, but you always have to think about the consequences,” Tracey told Andy Dosty, host of the show.

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When asked if she would go nude for a role, Tracy answered affirmative explaining the role needs to serve a purpose.

She added, “fame is not only about paying photographers for photoshoots, what do you stand to gain or do with it.”

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