4 Things to Avoid when Preparing for an Exam


Examination is a test to show a person‘s progress, knowledge, or ability. In this case, one may pass or fail based mostly on the efforts that was put in place before and during the exams. The following are four things one needs to avoid when Preparing for an examination;

1. Don’t stay up all night studying. Cramming late at night is not a good idea. Make sure you get enough sleep before the day of the exam.

2. Don’t wait till the last minute to study. You’ll be frazzled and ill prepared when you’re taking the test. Plus, your brain needs time to process information and that takes time.

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3. Don’t do all your studying at once. You’ll learn best if you read a little bit of your textbook each day. If you stress, you might forget whatever you have memorized.

4. Don’t make unnecessary notes to fill your pages. While reading them, you may forget the important notes.


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