10 regions benefit from $1million, One Constituency projects

The government has begun construction of 26 rural Clinics in 26 constituencies in ten out of the sixteen regions across the country.
The Ultra-modern Clinics has auxiliary facilities such as; observation rooms for Males and females, consultation rooms, treatment rooms, Delivering/wardroom, Cold room, and a waiting area/OPD.
They also have two-bedroom doctors apartment each, bedroom apartment for nurses, spacious car parks, Bio-digester facilities, and Mechanized water system fitted with water storage tanks.
The facilities when completed will be fully equipped, a major positive shift from similar facilities that only came with the structure in the past.
With the exception of the newly created regions, all other regions will benefit from these projects.
Aside from the clinics, toilets facilities and mechanized boreholes are ongoing in the ten regions.
In the Eastern Region alone, a total number of 217 IPEP Projects including 105, Ten-Seater Water Closet Institutional Toilets with Mechanized Boreholes, 105 Community-based Mechanized Solar Powered Water System and 7 Construction of 1,000 metric tonnes prefabricated grains warehouses are under construction.
This was revealed to the media when a team from the Ministry of Special Development Initiatives inspected some of the projects in the Eastern Region.
According to Kabore Awudu Moro, the PRO of the Ministry, these projects fall under the health component of the Infrastructure for Poverty Eradication program which is executed by the Ministry of Special Development Initiatives with the US$1 million per constituency allocation annually.
Under IPEP, each of the 275 constituencies is allocated the equivalence of US$1 million annually to be invested in infrastructure development initiatives of their choice, managed and implemented by the three development authorities (Northern Development Authority, Middle Belt Development Authority and Coastal Development Authority), under the office of the President.
Since 2017, there has been a budgetary allocation for every constituency in the country.
In July, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) granted the letters of commencement to the three Development Authorities in the country to commence full implementation of the $1 million per constituency pledge under the Infrastructure for Poverty Eradication Programme (IPEP).
The commencement certificate makes available GHc1,664 million (equivalent $320 millions) for the 275 constituencies across the country.
This covers $275 million dollars for the 275 constituencies and $45 million for outstanding commitments.


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