Breaking News: Boris Johnson wins race to become UK’s next Prime Minister


Frontrunner Boris Johnson has defeated rival Jeremy Hunt in the contest to replace Theresa May as Conservative party leader and as Britain’s prime minister.

What comes next: 

May will step down as prime minister on Wednesday and Johnson will take the reins.

Brexit battles loom:

 The biggest task for Johnson will be to take Britain out of the EU, but his hardline strategy has plenty of critics.


There will be people who question the wisdom of the decision to elect him, Johnson admits.

But he says the Conservative party has worked to “promote the good of the whole country” for the last 200 years.

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Johnson then turns to Brexit. He says he read in this morning’s Financial Times that no new leader has ever faced such a daunting set of circumstances. “Do you feel daunted?” he asks the crowd. “You don’t look daunted to me.”

Johnson says he will deliver Brexit and defeat Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.


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