Non-sexual ways to turn on your partner


Building an emotional and physical connection with your partner is the key to intimacy in a relationship. However, sex doesn’t always cut it. As they say, it is the little things and sweet gestures that matter the most and knowingly or unknowingly, can even help to turn on your partner. Here are a few non-sexual ways that would help to spice up your love life and strengthen your bond.


Talk the erotic way

Stringing a few romantic words and sharing these with your partners can do wonders to your love life. Surprise your partner by sending flirtatious messaging in the middle of the day or at home when he/she is busy doing household chores. This would surely help to distract and start an interesting conversation. If not this, think about how your partner makes your life special and share this when you are strolling together after dinner. You never know what happens once you return home!

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What about a massage?

Picture this! You have returned home tired after a hectic day at work. Your partner hugs you and takes off your shoes! Next, you are getting a super relaxing and sensual foot massage along with a sly smile. Won’t it turn you on? Well, depending upon your mood and preference, you can go for a back or a full body massage as well. If you want to go an extra mile, you can light up aromatic candles and play some romantic music.


The smell!

Never underestimate the power of nice and sensual cologne. Dress up and wear a perfume that draws your partner’s attention. Talk a bit dirty and you will see the sexual tension building.

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Re-enact your first date

The charm of the first date is replaceable, isn’t it? Why don’t you try to re-enact it and feel that charm once again? Visit that park, restaurant, pub or café where you met for the first time, order the same food and feel proud thinking how far you have come! Amidst this, drop the idea of re-enacting the time when you had sex for the first time and see how it goes.


Talk about fantasies

This one might be the easiest. Find out what are your partner’s kinky fetishes and sexual desires and titillate him or her by bringing up this topic all of a sudden. Do you think your partner would be able to keep his hands off you after this?

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Way to everyone’s heart is through stomach


It’s not just men; the way to a woman’s heart is also through stomach. Dim the lights, play some music and groove (or maybe strip tease!) while cooking a meal (instant noodles are not a bad option either). Lighten up the mood and gift your partner something naughty. It could be a box of condoms, hot lingerie, a bottle of wine, chocolate sauce, strawberries or anything that hints about your intentions. Most importantly, remember bedroom is not the only place to get intimate!





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