Employees of Canadian firm kidnapped in eastern DR Congo


An official in Congo says that four people, including two expatriates, working for the Canadian gold mining company Banro were abducted last week in the southern Maniema province of eastern Congo.

Army spokesman for South Kivu province Capt. Dieudonne Kasereka said Monday that a South African, a Zimbabwean and two Congolese were taken on Friday and it is suspected that the kidnappings were carried out by Mai-Mai rebels who operate in that area.

He said the army is searching for the victims and three people have already been arrested on suspicion of assisting the kidnappers. He said that so far no ransom has been demanded by the kidnappers.

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The Namoya area is rich in gold deposits and is often attacked by Mai-Mai militia. In March 2017, five workers, including one Frenchman, were kidnapped before being released two months later.

Due to growing insecurity, the Banro company’s factory has been shut down for about four months.



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