Chief Advocates Single National Manifesto for Ghana

Nana Bofotia Boamponsem, Sunyani Krontihene

Nana Bofotia Boamponsem, Sunyani Krontihene has stated that Ghana as country needs a single manifesto that will be used by all political parties. He said partisan manifestoes have proven over the years that they cannot help the country hence the decision for a single manifesto.

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Nana Boamponsem made this known when speaking at the launch of the 25th Annual Delegates Congress of the Graduate Students Association of Ghana. The 25th Annual Delegates Congress of GRASAG is held under the theme; “The Place of Graduate Research and Funding Opportunities”

Speaking at the launch, the chief bemoaned the extent to which partisan politics is “killing the country”. He stated that partisan politics and its associated partisan manifestoes over the years have only resulted in various political parties putting square pegs in round holes. He questioned why people who have no knowledge about certain sectors will be made to preside over those sectors and implement policies for such sectors. He added that this has therefore gone a long way to affect the country in diverse ways and urged people in academia to research into how a single national manifesto can be drafted for the country to curb this menace.

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Vote Against Sour Tongue Politicians

Nana Bofotia Boamponsem also called on Ghanaians to vote against politicians who have developed the penchant for using foul language. He said such politicians have nothing good for the country and should therefore be voted against.



He urged the  graduate students to conduct research that can translate into commercial benefit for the country and will also create business opportunities for the students. He added that the students should conduct researches that can give them “something to live with and something to leave behind”.


He congratulated the executive of GRASAG for the program and urged the students to take their studies and research seriously.

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Peaceful Election

Deputy Minister of the Bono Region and Member of Parliament for Jaman North Constituency, Mr. Siaka Stephens who launched the GRASAG 25th Annual Delegates Congress also called for peaceful election in the upcoming GRASAG Election.

Siaka Stephens, Deputy Minister, Bono East Region,

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The Graduate Students shall be electing new sets of executives on Saturday 10th August 2019. The Election will be the last activity for the  Congress. In all, 11 candidates are contesting for five available slots which are President, General Secretary, Organising Cordinator, Financial Controller and Gender Commissioner.


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