Let’s Rebuild The Broken Walls of Ghana! Ready?


When our forefathers fought and toiled for us, they had an indestructible hope and conviction that the generation after and beyond them will advance their great efforts and work.

A clean heart, genuine love, a strong sense of patriotism and service was deeply rooted in their minds and heart. They were good managers: they used the scarce resources at their disposal to lay a strong foundation for us. They kept the environment very clean, they fought as much as they could to secure a larger territory fully endowed with rich and abundant natural resources.

Very intense humiliation they did suffer from their enemies and colonial masters, yet they did not give up because it was internalized in their minds and hearts that, they had a call to duty and service. Many of them were sold as slaves, killed, abused, mistreated, oppressed and denied their rights and freedom, yet they did not give up.

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They always prepared for uncertainties and unforeseen calamities that may befall them. They worked as a team, strongly united and fought restlessly until they achieved the crown of victory.

They did not wait for the country to fall sick before they cured it; they were tactically equipped with vision and foresight to see danger and safeguarded against it. And even if the country fell sick, they treated it as if it was going to die very soon, so they employed all their skills, expertise, energies, devotion, service and resources to bring it back again to life, and even stronger than before.

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A paradigm shift emerged.

Positive? No.

Negative? Yes

Was it a curse for our forefathers to toil their blood and sacrifice their lives for us?

Some may call it an altruistic suicide?

We do not care??? Damn it! Who told them to bring us to this land?

But wait, have we forgotten the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden?

Was it a curse for God to give them that land or it was a manifestation of a great deal of blessing?


Our forefathers are angry. They regret that they gave us this land and set a great pace for us. A land of honey and milk, gold, silver, diamond, timber, oil, manganese, bauxite, salt, oceans, rivers, lagoons, virgin forests, beautiful and serene environment; just like Goshen of the Israelites!

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Now, because of our iniquities, love for power, evil deeds, multitudes of sin, and disrespect to our forefathers, they have thrown us away from that “Garden of Eden and Goshen”, like heaven they secured for us and they have settled us in a land of destruction and evil schemes!

Ghana is dead! All the walls of this nation are broken!!!

Our forefathers will give us a second chance only if we refer, go back and practice the statues and cherished virtues they set forth for us!

Let‘s rise up and build the walls of this nation!!!






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