Easiest Way To Prepare Spaghetti Jollof


Evening Mail takes you to the kitchen today to teach you how to prepare spaghetti with ease.

The following are the ingredients one need in other to prepare spaghetti;

Sausages, Canned Beef, Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Pepper, Tomatoes, Onga cube, Curry powder, Nutmeg
Olive oil \ cooking oil, Salt, Carrots
Rosemary, Green pepper, Spaghetti and Flour.


1. Heat pan over medium high heat until hot and then add oil.
2. Add chopped onion and garlic and saute until tender and starting to brown.
3. Add grinded pepper, tomato puree and stir intermintently.
4. After 6-10 minutes, add cube and allow to cook.
5. Taste for salt, add rosemary, curry powder, nutmeg and stir
6. Add chopped onions, green pepper and carrots.
7. Add canned beef and allow to simmer for 3 minutes.
8. Wash spaghetti, break into two and add to the stew.
9. Add water and cover to cut.
10. Wash sausages and chop into cubes.
11. Dust the sausages with flour
Heat pan until hot and then oil.
12. Swirl to coat and then add the sausages.
13. Remove sausages when all sides turn golden brown.
14. Dish spaghetti jollof unto a plate when well cooked and add fried sausages.


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