Innovation and creativity should be a pathway for development in our educational sectors in a dynamic Africa.

In the future (which is with us now), most carriers would become automated so the people
who succeed must be curious, creative, innovative coupled with resilience to adapt to new

Pre-eminence to creativity and innovation is education, the point is the focus of our schools,
they are not on that, is on regurgity information and test-taking which takes 70% of most
academic performances and 0% of our future. But in today’s world, creativity is the most
important skills as putted by 1500 CEOs in the I.B.M 15 th July, 2010 report.

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Teachers have the most important jobs in this life, they build, create and save lives, so they
have to commit fully to it, but the ultimate question is, are these teachers committed enough
so students can solve Africa’s problem not just follow instructions or directions and bubble in
the multi-choice questions. These robotics tasks we learn in our schools should stop because
no one can do a robot’s work better than a robot.

“We should not only compete with artificial intelligence but instead focus on developing a
unique human intelligence” – Jack Ma, is this our focus or not? Most schools have already
faulted and even hitting the undo but we cannot autocorrect so they hide behind that old
adage that, “you can force a horse to the riverside but you cannot force it to drink”, but I say a big NO!!!!. This is because, we can put salt in the horse’s hay and make it thirsty. If our
schools want to change the scope, they can.

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If we continue to teach our students as we taught yesterday, we rob these students of

A concerned citizen.
Emmanuel Abu Apenteng (E.A.A)
Contact: 0506100242/ 0550423101
Email: apentengemmanuelabu@gmail.com


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