Akyem Abuakwa presbytery to plant 10,000 trees


The Akyem Abuakwa presbytery of the Presbyterian church of Ghana has embarked on tree planting exercise to plant about 10,000 trees within their catchment area.

The exercise is done in fulfillment of the church’s duties as stewards of God’s creation.

Speaking to the press about the exercise, the Presbytery Chairman for the area, Rev. Seth Kissi said the church preaches about stewardship, and protection of the environment is also one of the things that God has called the church to do.

He said, the church knows the importance of the environment and is aware of how most people are depleting forest reserves and hence damaging the echo system.
He said, this is the reason why the church has decided to embark on the exercise to contribute their part in the protection of the environment.

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He stated that the church has been spending huge amount of money on their schools buildings, mission houses and temples due to the impact and effect of rain storm on such buildings. He stated that the buldings are experiencing such huge impacts because of the high level of deforestation in recent times.

“If we have trees around our buildings, they (trees) would have saved our roofs from ripping off when it rains.” Rev. Kissi said.

Rev Kissi added that the tree planting exercise is going to help control rainstorms and other disasters that are experienced due to depletion of the environment.

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He called on the Christendom to emulate what the Presbytery is doing and also play their part in the protection of the environment.


Source: Eveningmailgh.com


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