EU and the USA Bullying Ghana: No, Ghana’s Cocoa is not “DIRTY”! – Part I


Societies that cannot find liberation in their leadership are but sitting ducks for Europe and the USA to aim their guns and shoot their bureaucratic dictatorship nonsense at us, here in Africa. In their demeanour and handouts, these Power Blocs seek to portray to the gullible people that they are benevolent. It is painful to note that most of our African societies seem to have forgotten or turned a blind eye to the dark history of dominance where Europe and America stole the resources of Africa, most importantly, the human being.
At this age and time, many of our African nations are embroiled in turmoil of one sort or the other because the Super Powers had long realised that if peace prevailed in Africa, this continent would be the greatest Power to ever evolve in neo-history.
In retrospect, Ghanaians have been at the center stage of the fight for complete liberation. Independence has not been enough to bring emancipation. You see, the grasp of Europe and America of our whole is so strong that no sooner do we succeed to disentangle from one tentacle than another tightens around us even snugger, leaving us gasping for breath, hence acute poverty, hunger, disease, war, and so on. It is not a snug of love, but a much sought after necessity of one-sided comfort, an unhealthy addiction of selfishness and inhumanity!
Under the leadership of President Akufo-Addo, the cocoa sector has seen a massive drive to enhance the industry and the lives of those who matter at the base of it all, the farmers. A union was formed between Ghana and Ivory Coast to ensure that the power players in the chocolate industry do not continue to leech on us. Hon Joseph Boahen-Aidoo has taken an intransigent position in favour of the local farmer and the Ghanaian beneficiaries of this industry. In fact, he is radically unwilling to play game with the fortunes of Ghana! That is what patriotism is all about, no doubt! That is why he has become the star that they follow as far as cocoa is concerned.
However, before I begin deliberating on the issues in this series of which this piece is a mere introduction to the challenges we face by way of a new form of colonisation, let me state that Europe and the USA have some time in their unholy history waged war over commodities, notwithstanding the violent protests in Boston on December, 16, 1773, popularly dubbed, The Boston Tea Party!
The American Revolution aided by the French was actually a war of commodities and trade routes in 1778. It was a proxy war fought between the French and the British over trade routes and commodities between the East and West Indies, both of which were agriculturally rich. In another instance, the battle of Plassey in the 1600s, which the British won, gave them unrestrained access to the commodities of that rich country. When the Mughal’s Empire weakened, the British dumped their East India Company, a conduit they had used for this purpose, and took over the whole nation somewhere around 1858.
So now, it will not be strange to submit that as the world’s chocolate industry has developed an insatiable taste for the best cocoa in the world, the Ghanaian cocoa, we must brace ourselves for WAR! Of course, it is not going to be a war of guns and bullets, but one of an even more evil nature, diplomatically termed, “SANCTIONS”!
The Europeans and the Americans are professional make-up artists who succeeded in clothing the devil with the cloaks of piety to seem Holy, but in their chaos to remain at the top, they forgot to cover the legs of satan, which exposed their hypocrisy. They are behaving like the catholic priest who molested boys in his parish and claimed a holy urge to be human!
Part II coming up!!!

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Source: Fadi Dabboussi


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