NPP inaugurates Middle East branch


The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has inaugurated its Middle East branch bring the number of its overseas branches to over 54.

The inauguration was done by a high-level Party delegation from Ghana led by the External Affairs Director, Mr. Emmanuel Attafuah-Danso and the Ghana’s Ambassador to Kuwait.

Addressing audiences at the inaugural ceremony, Mr. Attafuah-Danso explained that the establishment of more foreign branch such as the Middle East branch was in line with the party’s efforts of strengthening the external branches towards a resounding victory in the 2020 general elections and beyond.

The NPP External Affairs Director further stated that the ruling NPP government was deeply committed to working closely with the rest of its external branches across the world to drum home the NPP government’s developmental policies which he said was transforming the country positively.

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“The NPP government is keen to positively engaging Ghanaians abroad in decision making through the diaspora branches”, he added.

According to him, his outfit did a prior assessment of the branch to ascertain its qualification and “I’m happy to announce that it has met all the criteria to become an external branch hence your inauguration as a branch today”.

The chairman of the Middle East branch Mr. Isaac Osea in his welcome address revealed that NPP has broken new frontiers by becoming the first party in Ghana’s political history to have a fully organized and functional branch in the whole of the Middle East.

This feat according to him has not come on a silver platter but through determination, dedication and passion exhibited by members.

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This branch started as a group of Ghanaian migrants in the gulf whose main aim was to help alleviate the problems other migrants were encountering in the Gulf States. This we did perfectly well that in no time our fame had spread throughout the Ghanaian community in the gulf.

Mr. Osea said the group has so far mobilized funds which were used to sponsor some parliamentary candidates in the northern region of Ghana during the 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections as well as made several donations to the national headquarters to support its activities.

“We stand here today as proud executives to announce that we have been able to mobilised over 2000 active party members in the Gulf States comprising of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait with the other Middle East countries in line. As things stand now Israel is now set to be a part of the big family.

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As I bring my address to an end I promise on behalf of the executives sworn in today to assure the leadership of our great party that we have not just filled positions but have taken up a service to uphold and consolidate the electoral gains made in 2016.” the chairman of the Middle East branch stated.

“We strongly believe that election 2020 is going to be a litmus test for the government’s flagship programs and we will not be spectators but patriots who are willing to go the extra mile to see victory 2020 become a reality” he added.


Story: Franklin ASARE-DONKOH

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