NPP-UK women’s wing condemns attacks on EC boss

Shirley Kyei, Women Organiser, NPP-UK

The women’s wing of the New Patriotic Party in the United Kingdom has strongly condemned the attacks on the chairperson of the Electoral commission of Ghana, Mrs Jean Mensa.

The group, in a statement issued by its organiser, Shirley Kyei, said it is unfortunate that the EC boss has constantly been attacked by all manner of persons just for performing her constitutional duties.

“Mrs Jean Mensa, since the assumption of office on the 23rd of July 2018, has come under a barrage of attacks led by the opposition party, NDC. The NDC has needlessly attacked Mrs Mensa at any given opportunity by raining abuse on her to threatening her very life.

“The latest of such attacks occurred a few days ago when one supposed pastor by name Kwabena Owusu Adjei, in a video that has gone viral, insulted and pronounced death on her,” she said in the statement.

Constructive criticisms

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According to the women’s group, though they believe the EC boss is not above criticism, the criticisms must be constructive and inure to the benefit of the country.

“While the chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana isn’t beyond criticisms, like any other head of institution, the unwarranted attacks on the person of Mrs Mensa has become one too many and baseless.

“Prior to her appointment, Mrs Jean Mensa was the Executive Director of the institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), a career that spanned eighteen years and has been crucial in strengthening Ghana’s democracy and promoting strong institutions. She was also the Co-ordinator of the Ghana Political Parties Programme and was called to the bar in 1996,” she added.

NDC attacks

The group further wondered why the NDC will not stop at anything to thwart the efforts of the EC boss, adding that the NDC stands to lose nothing should a new voters’ register is compiled.

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“Her entire career has been centred on developing and implementing policy alternatives that represent both international and local best practices. This is a woman whose integrity is not in doubt. It is therefore mind boggling as to why the NDC and their cohorts will stop at nothing to frustrate the good works of the EC.

“One may ask, what is it that the NDC stand to lose at the compilation of a new register to call for bloodshed?  What is it that summoning the EC to the Supreme Court isn’t good enough that they would call for the head of Jean Mensa?  Is it that she is a woman?” she asked.

Death threat

The group urged all well-meaning Ghanaians to give their full support to the EC and offer advice that will make the institution better.

Taking a swipe at the recent comments made by one Kwabena Owusu Adjei, who threatened Mrs Jean Mensa with death, the women’s group commended the security services for picking him up for interrogation.

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“Seeing that they have no valid case against the compilation of a new voters’ register, they have resorted to recruiting elements that can bastardise the EC and go as far as threaten to kill her. These pronunciations by this Kwabena Owusu Adjei are not only loathsome but also criminal.

“It is good that Mr Adjei has been arrested by the security agencies. We urge them to conduct thorough investigations, and deal with him accordingly if found culpable.

In our quest to hold the Electoral Commission accountable, it is imperative that we refrain from the use of abusive and threatening language. We all as a collective body owe it a duty to be decorous and constructive in our criticisms,” the statement read.


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