Alleged vote buying in NPP primaries to be investigated Sammi Awuku assures

NPP National Organiser, Sammi Awuku

Sammi Awuku, the National Organiser of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), has assured that the party will investigate the allegations of vote buying during its parliamentary primaries held over the weekend across the country.

There were numerous allegations of vote buying during the just ended exercise.

Mr Awuku, in an interview with the media, said he did not personally witness any form of vote buying at the places he visited, but will, nonetheless, probe the allegations.

“I heard allegations of inducement, bribing delegates, and all of that, but let me be very honest with you as a practicing Christian. I never saw one aspirant or group of aspirants doling out money or bribing delegates and I also never saw any delegate or group of delegates receiving money in that regard. I’m being very honest,” he stated.

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He added: “Maybe, it happened at dawn or maybe it happened at midnight. Unfortunately, I don’t subscribe to sorcery and witchcraft and I may not be able to witness everything that might have happened in the middle of the night.

“But for me as the party’s organiser, that was detailed to a particular part of the country and monitored the process throughout, I never for once saw anybody either giving out or receiving money. It may have occurred on my blindside and maybe it was just a mere allegation. I am not saying it never happened but I never saw it as a person.”


Mr Awuku disclosed that a report will first have to come from the Parliamentary Elections Committee after which investigations will commence.

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“Let me be very clear that inducing a voter, inducing a delegate and trying to bribe his or her conscience to vote in a particular direction is inconsistent with the rules and regulations governing the parliamentary primaries and, of course, [we will] investigate and if any delegate who is listening was a recipient of these things, kindly let us know,” he said.


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