Time to get to work, says Kwadjo Asante


The newly elected New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary Candidate (PC) for Suhum constituency, Kwadjo Asante, has urged members of his campaign team and all party supporters to hit the road running since the party has no time to spare.
He has, thus, urged all of them to halt all celebrations following the internal elections and start focusing on the bigger picture, seeing the internal election as one battle won ahead of a war.

Mr Asante was addressing members of his campaign team after last Saturday’s parliamentary primaries, which he won over the MP for the area, Frederick Opare-Ansah.
He further called on his supporters and that of his defeated opponent, Opare-Ansah, to put aside all differences that emanated out of the primaries and stick together for victory 2020.
“I am ready to work with everyone irrespective of the stance taken by them during the campaign season and so I expect you to unite with everyone as soon as possible for the interest of our party,” he advised.

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Active role

He tasked all part faithful and sympathizers to play active roles in the new voters’ registration exercise scheduled to commence from June 30.
“It is only when we get a lot of people registering for us that we can get them voting during the general elections,” he said.
He congratulated his campaign team for their hard work and pleaded that double of such strength should be invested in the general election campaign, in order for the NPP to maintain the Suhum seat and for Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to win a massive second term victory.


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