Info Minister: GBC has not been asked to shut down channels

Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah addresses the Press

The Minister of Information, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, says the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) has not been asked to close down any of its channels.

According to him, the state broadcaster has been informed by only one of its transmission platforms that it is being allocated only three slots to host its channels.

The Minister, in a media interview yesterday, said the decision by the managers of the platform to allocate three slots to GBC does not amount to an order to shut down channels, especially since GBC still has other platforms it is transmitting all of its six channels on.


“I, as sector minister, have not asked them to shut down any channel. Nobody has asked them to shut down any channel. GBC is currently operating their six channels on their T1 platform and if they decide to add four or five more channels, they can do that,” he clarified.

Currently, GBC is said to be operating on the DSTV, GBC T1 and DTT transmission platforms.

TV users who have access to DSTV, GBC T1 and digital television platforms are able to watch all of GBC’s six channels on either platform.

DTT platform

According to the Information Minister, the managers of DTT want to reduce redundancy, hence its engagement with GBC to come forward and let them know the three of its six channels it would want to maintain on the DTT platform.

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Mr Oppong Nkrumah said the issue as captured within the media “totally misrepresents” the conversation that the Communications Ministry, the transmission platform, and GBC have had.

“Recently, DSTV did an exercise to rationalize some of the Ghanaian channels on the platform. It is a contractual matter between DSTV and the media organisations that have their channels on their platform. My understanding is that DTT is doing the same. It has not instructed anybody to shut down their channel,” he explained.

The Minister also said he is disappointed that the Corporation did not engage him as the Minister in charge to resolve the issue.

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“They have not even come to me for a discussion that there are job losses or anything of that nature.

“Get around the table [for dialogue] and stop this attempt to whip up unions and public sentiments against something that the transmission platform has been engaging them on,” he added.


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