Samuel Sarpong’s fishy State Housing sale reversed

Dr Samuel Sarpong

The sale of a property belonging to a widow, Mrs Sam Sadeen, by a former Managing Director of the State Housing Company, Dr Samuel Sarpong, has been reversed.

Dr Sarpong was fingered in a shady housing deal in which he was alleged to have sold the property at a paltry sum to a crony.

Dr Sarpong, who is also a former Central and Ashanti Regional Minister during the erstwhile Mills/Mahama administration, is believed to have sold the property worth US$900,000 to Alpha Developers at a paltry GHc600,000.

Shockingly, an amount of GHc900,000 was put on the lease document as the selling price.

Court case

Flagged by the audit of the Internal Audit Agency, the new administration of the SHC took the case to court to have the sale reversed.

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An Accra high court upheld the decision taken by the management of SHC to reverse the sale, handing the property back to its rightful owner while the criminal aspect of the case is pending.

Counsel for Alpha Developers, Kwadwoga Adawuga Adawudu, had initially objected to the reversal, an objection which did not find favour with the court.

Mrs Sadeen, who now has her property back, has praised the current administration for the gesture.

“It was like my husband had died again when they sold that property. Now, I can die in peace when my maker calls me, knowing that I have our property back,” she said.

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Meanwhile, sources within the SHC say there are several of such cases pending, which may lead to the prosecution of the former MD, should the management decide to tow that line.






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