Interior Minister lauds police enhanced security during voter registration


Interior Minister Ambrose Derry has lauded the Ghana Police Service for ensuring effective security during the recent voters’ registration exercise.

Even though some centres recorded pockets of violence, Mr Derry said the members of the Service were swift in their actions as they, in most cases, apprehended the culprits and arraigned them.

Speaking to the media on the side-lines of the launch of the NPP’s 2020 manifesto in Cape Coast, the Minister indicated that the police carried out their mandate by arraigning the suspects.

“We know that during the registration there were pockets of violence, but the police were fast in picking up suspects in every situation; their statements were taken, and then they were sent to court. And once it gets to court, another independent institution takes it up from there,” he said.

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Enhanced police force

Mr Derry further touted the achievement of the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo led administration in terms of security.

According to him, the country is much safer than it used to be because the police service is better equipped than before.

“There is no perfect state of security anywhere in the world, but what we are talking about is where we were and where we are now, and we the leaders of the security services can say the country is really calm now.

“The figures for armed robbery have gone down, and because of the procurement of vehicles we did, the police are doing better now. You heard that two armed robbers were killed in Kumasi last week during an exchange of fire between them and the police and this is because they are better equipped,” he added.

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CAP 30 pension scheme

In a related development, Mr Dery has assured the Ghana Police Service that its personnel will continue to retire under the CAP 30 pension scheme and the Constitutional Instrument 76 (C.I. 76).

Speaking on behalf of the Vice-President at a ceremony held in Accra to commission the four-storey Cantonments Divisional Police headquarters, last week, he said the government would not make the police officer worse off after sacrificing so much for the country.

“Police personnel will continue to retire under CAP 30 pension scheme as well as the C.I. 76. The President cannot make the police officer worse off after sacrificing so much for the country,” he said.

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