God and marriage: a story of love and the will of God


By Alice Mensah

Presidential Wedding!!!!

Who says God doesn’t speak in marriages anymore! A story of love, the will of God and Godly resilience


“Then the lord God said, it is not good for the man to live alone. I WILL MAKE A SUITABLE COMPANION TO HELP HIM. ” (Genesis 2:18, GNB)

“This passage of scripture has come true today” and it is amazing how the Lord God himself, by His great power and might has brought together Pastor Aheto Jacob Paul, founder and president of Authority Chapel International, a young and vibrant campus church fellowship at Legon and Ms. Florence Maame Abena Quaque, a final year MPhil Communications Studies student at the University of Ghana.

On the 5th of September 2015, the adamant advocate of the will-of-God, Pastor Jacob Paul first spoke with Ms. Maame Abena Quaque on UCC campus during the launch of a book he had written. After that conversation, the lady was firmly certain about one thing, this man is surely not getting any chance with her.  The decision was finally cemented after a few consultations with some close sisters in the lord. The silent small voice that asked “so you won’t pray about this first” was overwhelmed by the opinion of men.

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But the man of God never wavered on his believe that Ms. Quaque was his wife. His unflinching believe in God can be experienced in his books ‘You are a Powerhouse’ and ‘Dare to believe’. After quitting a job which asked him to engage in corruption, Pastor Jacob Paul went on missions in Tamale in January 2019. The call of God became even stronger and after a 120-day fast, Authority Chapel International was birthed.

The voice of God

Around March 2020, the grace of prayer upon Ms. Quaque became so strong and during one of her prayer sessions, God spoke to her about Pastor Jacob Paul.  She trusted the peace of God which filled her heart as she decided to say yes to the man of God after 5 years.  The bible is clear that the peace that Christ gives is to guide us in the decisions we make (Colossians 3: 15a, GNB). It was after this moment that Ms. Quaque realized that she has never been mean and uncaring to any human being on earth than to Pastor Jacob Paul.

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After that fateful day she said yes to the man of God, they went into days of intense fasting and prayer and God has continued to be faithful to them. Many obstacles came their way but God’s will and intentions can never be broken because He says “I will make a suitable companion to help him.”  This is a beautiful testimony which shows that if we allow God, He Himself will connect us to spouses He has prepared for us even before the foundations of the world was laid.

The big day

On Saturday, September 5, 2020, the presidential wedding of Pastor Aheto JacobPaul and Ms. Maame Abena Quaque will be held at the Great Commission Church International. A revolution has begun! These are two young and vigorous vessels of the Almighty God whose faith in God and passion for the will of God has been set ablaze. They are on a mission for Christ.

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Authority Chapel international stands for the Will of God and the agenda is to set people apart for God in these end times. If you are around University of Ghana campus and want to catch this fire of Christlikeness, the church is at the Central Cafeteria.


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