Osiahene Aduanahene of Aburi Konkonuru calls for unity among residents

Chief of Konkonu, Nana Obuobi Odi Ahenkan II

The Osiahene Aduanahene of Aburi Konkonuru, in the Akuapem Traditional Area of the Eastern Region, Nana Obuobi Odi Ahenkan II, has called for unity among residents and chiefs in the area to ensure development.

According to him, there is no virtue in division and litigation and, thus, there is the need to work together as a united force to ensure development for his traditional area.

The chief, who was speaking during an ‘Adae’ celebration in Konkonu, expressed appreciation to all chiefs and family heads in the area who attended the celebration.

“Henceforth, let all of us preach about peace, preach about unity, speak as one people, so that we can build Adontengman and Okuapeman,” he stated.


Last week’s Adae was an extraordinary one since it was the first to be celebrated following an Eastern Regional House of Chiefs ruling on the occupancy of the Osiahene Aduana stool on August 6 2020.

The people of Konkonu had been denied an Osiahene Aduanahene for several years following a chieftaincy dispute that spanned for about 12 years before both the Okuapeman Traditional Council and the Judicial Committee of the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs.

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Abusapanyin Kwakwa Obuba and one other person had challenged the enstoolment of Nana Obuobi Odi Ahenkan II as the Osiahene Aduanahene at the Akuapem Traditional Council.

Abusapanyin Kwakwa Obuba had evinced that the role of the Abusunpanyin is indispensable in the installation of the Osiahene or Aduanahene, and had urged the Judicial Committee to find as uncontroverted that the Osiahene stool is an Aduana stool and not an Aduana and Abrade stool, and that the Aduana and Abrades are not of the same family.

He had further contended that the family for which he is Abusuapanyin is the Aduana family while that of Abusuapanyin Abboa Yaw Ayensu, who had led the enstoolment of Nana Odi Ahenkan II, is the Abrade family.

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However, the respondents said Abusuapanyin Abboa Yaw Ayensu is the current overall head and the Abusuapanyin of the entire Aduanahene/Osiahene Stool family of Adonten. They added that his position as the overall Osiahene/Aduanahene Abusuapanyin is not rotational as in the case of the Osiahene but automatic by virtue of being from the Okem family.

Subsequently, following a ruling by the Judicial Committee of the Akuapem Traditional Council on August 21, 2012, affirming Nana Obuobi Odi Ahenkan II as the rightful heir to the Konkonu stool, Abusuapanyin Kwakwa on September 7, 2012 filed an appeal at the Judicial Committee of the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs, contending that the ruling by the Akuapem Traditional Council could not be supported, having regard to the evidence available on record, among others.

Regional ruling

After about eight years of litigation, the Judicial Committee of the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs, chaired by Okyenhene Amoatia Ofori Panin, ruled against Abusapanyin Kwakwa Obuba, affirming the role of Abusuapanyin Abboa Yaw Ayensu as the overall Osiahene/Aduanahene Abusuapanyin by virtue of being from the Okem family and, thus, confirmed Nana Obuobi Odi Ahenkan II as the chief of Konkonu.

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The Judicial Committee further stated that with regard to the systems of ascension to the Osiahene/Aduanahene stool and the fact that the Late Osiahene /Aduanahene hailed from the Asong Abena lineage, his successor should not be selected from the Asong Abena lineage unless with the consent and approval of the qualified gate that should enjoy the turn.

They added that the system of succession to the Osiahene stool of Adonten should be rotational among the Okem, Obutwe and Asong Abena whose descendants form the dynasty of the Osiahene/Aduanahene stool with its seat based at Konkonu since time immemorial.

Nana Odi Ahenkan II has since appeared before Otoobour Djan Kwasi, the Adontenhene of the Akuapem Traditional Area, to swear the oath of allegiance.


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