The kind of sexual partners you’re looking for, as per your zodiac sign


Your ideal sexual partner, as per your zodiac sign

Just like romantic relationships, sexual relationships also seek a level of compatibility and emotional synchronization. While sex is intimate, so is the bond you share with your partner. Therefore, it goes without saying that in order to have the most wonderful and amazing sex, you must have the perfect sexual partner too. With the help of astrology, you can do just that. Every person has a different personality and how he/she acts is determined by the kind of partner they have. That being said, here’s the kind of sexual partner you’re looking for, as per your zodiac sign.


Aries are free-spirited leaders and when it comes to looking for sexual partners, they go for people who are as adventurous and exciting as they themselves are. Someone who is unafraid to explore and try new positions and add quirk in their sexual experience.


When it comes to sex, Taureans are all about comfort and stability. However, they are also very curious. Therefore, most often they seek a sexual partner who can fulfill their fantasies and help them achieve utmost pleasure.

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Geminis are fun-loving people who are open to new adventures. Known for their charming nature, they are often drawn to charismatic and captivating personalities, who are as enthusiastic about exploring the different facets of sexual pleasure.


Cancerians are into emotional beings, who can understand their feelings. They not only seek sexual satisfaction but also wish to build a close relationship with their sexual partners Therefore, they’re likely to be with someone who are sensitive and responsive too.


Leos are into people who are submissive, especially during sex. As their main characteristics is to be dominant and a leader, they are automatically attracted to people who can listen to them and fulfill their desires as they like.


If a Virgo is looking for a sexual partner, they will surely go for someone who is experienced and knows their way around the art of intercourse. With a Virgo, there is no room for mistakes and flaws. Everything needs to be just perfect.

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Librans like to maintain a balance in everything. While they are rightly aware of their shortcomings, they know that the only way to overcome it is by finding someone who can complete them.


In terms of sex, Scorpions are extremely passionate and intense. While they make sure to please their partners, they search for someone who can reciprocate the same love and affection. Someone who is completely fine with their kinks and quirks and does not judge them for their sexual fantasies.


Sagittarians are fun-packed people, but they tend to get bored easily. Therefore, when it comes to sex, they want someone who can keep them engaged and also adhere to their sexual needs. But don’t be alarmed. They’ll make sure to please you with all their heart.

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Capricorns love to be pampered and courted. They are into extreme foreplays and love to be pleased by their partners. That being said, they are always drawn to people who can charm their way into their hearts with an ample amount of innocence and playfulness.


For an Aquarian, creativity is all that matters, even in sex. When they look for sexual partners, they are mostly attracted to people who have a knack for new possibilities. Repetition is something that bores them and to keep them engaged, one must think of innovative activities.


Pisceans are people who are always hungry for love. In matters of sex, they are not only concerned about the physical activity but also aim towards building a bond. That being said, for them an emotional partner is what they look for in a sexual partner.

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