Christians urged to emulate the lifestyle of Jesus


Service rendered in good spirit are service to God and those are the service which yield good dividend because such service have the touch of God.

That was the farewell message delivered by Rev Oduro Mensah at the Koforidua Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Ascension congregation where he has served as the 2nd Minister for five years and now, going to start the ministerial work as the 1st Minister at Trom.

Rev Oduro Mensah said service rendered in humility, is service pleasing unto God.

Perfect example in reference in the message delivery is Jesus Christ who humbled himself even to the death on the Cross as a result of which, Jesus is given a name above all other names and that at the name of Jesus, all knees bow to the glory of God.

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Rev Oduro Mensah said one has to humble one’s self no matter the position one occupies if one wants to please God.

He said ministers of God have to humble themselves, doctors have to humble themselves, judges have to humble themselves, politicians have to humble themselves, Presidents of nations have to humble themselves, the rich have to humble themselves and so also is any other person if their services would be pleasing unto God.

Rev Oduro Mensah said in this era where some ministers are seen on social media shaving female church members at the church while others bath female church members, it would be very wrong and misleading if anyone looks up to any man or made puts trust in any type of a minister of God.

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He said so many people teach from the Bible but practice vice and so everyone should look up unto the Lord Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith and humble themselves in all types of services they render in other to please God.


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