Ranked 76/85 in Law School but became U.S president-elect: What if Biden was a Ghanaian law student?


By: Kwesi Atuahene

It can be considered a huge mistake to presume that people succeed through success, rather they often succeed through failures. A proud heart can survive a general failure because such a failure doesn’t prick its pride.

The embattled president-elect of the United State by the Trump administration was ranked 76th in his class of 85 is on the border of becoming the world’s most powerful person.

Joe Biden who is projected to have defeated President Donald Trump to become the 46th President of the United State of America has a story that many Ghanaian law students can strongly relate to.

Like Ghana, it is customary in the United States to complete an undergraduate degree in a program other than law before embarking on a Juris Doctor which can equalised to an LL. B here.

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Therefore, Biden double majored in history and Political Science at the northeastern University of Delaware before starting his dream of pursuing a law degree at Syracuse University College of Law in New York.

Mr Biden graduated in 1968, secured a very low ranking of 76th in his graduating class of 85 students as reported by a reader- support investigative news organisation recently honoured as Magazine of the Year 2020, Mother Jones.

Graduating with the lowly ranking of 76th out of 85 students, Mr. Biden clerked at a law firm in Wilmington and he was eventually called to the bar.

To the thousands of Ghanaian law students who suffer failure annually from the Ghana School of Law entrance examination, the journey of Joe Biden can be considered an inspiration.


Imagine Joe Biden as a Ghanaian, trying to gain admission into the Ghana School of Law to complete his law program in other to be called to the bar, would he have ever become a lawyer?

Mr Biden’s resume contrasts with other protuberant U.S politicians, many of whom attended Ivy League Law schools.

Hillary Clinton studied law at Yale University, where she met her husband Bill Clinton who was also attending the same university, Barack Obama also studied at Harvard Law School.

Imagine a Ghana where every Ghanaian who has successfully completed the LL.B program would be given the opportunity to complete the law course at the Ghana School of Law.

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Perhaps, we could also produce a president out of these students who fail annually and not just children of former presidents and former minister of States.


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