Umaru Sanda Amadu schools NDC supporters


Dear NDC supporters,

Media houses do not conduct elections. They do not declare election results. At best, they report on the conduct and maybe project who will win, based on what the EC officials declare at the end of Voting or collation.

Media houses are not by law, entitled to copies of the pink sheets. Your party agents are. It is therefore shocking that your leaders are inciting you against us. They are simply passing the buck and I urge you not to pay heed.

Hold your party leaders responsible for your defeat (albeit disputed). If there is anything we learnt from the 2012 Election Petition, it is that ELECTIONS ARE WON AT THE POLLING STATION.


Did you see journalists counting ballots at the POLLING Station? Why blame us then? We only tabulated what the EC confirmed.

I see some of you saying media houses should come out with their independent tallied results. That is so flawed, it feels pathetic. There were over 38,000 polling stations this election. No media house has sent up to 1,000 journalists to cover the election. Team Citi did around 400. How can we have a parallel tally with 400 people against 38k stations?

I know your party had at least, 1 agent in all the polling stations. Yet, we still haven’t seen your party’s independent tally sheet. This is the same thing that the NPP keeps mocking you about after you lost 2016. They say you didn’t have an independent collated results.

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It turns out, your party leaders haven’t learnt from 2016. So they keep screaming that they’ve been cheated, yet, there is no hard collated results to prove this. That’s disappointing for a party that ushered us into democracy.

Please stop the attacks on journalists. Turn your anger against those you chose to help you win and have them explain what went wrong. Let them tell you, why for over a year, a huge party like the NDC could not revive a major media house like Radio Gold which could have been its mouthpiece this period.

As for the NDC leaders inciting your supporters against us, we may soon leave your events for you to cover yourselves. Mtcheeew

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NB: If you failed your Comprehension class, don’t comment on this


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