NASPA regional offices equipped with 100 landline telephones


The National leadership of the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) has on Wednesday, March 3, provided 100 landline telephones to all 10 traditional Regional Offices in the country. Every region is to get at least 10 of the devices.

The initiative was led by the NASPA President, Afriyie Osei Owusu, and his National Executive Committee.



According to NASPA, with the onset of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the need for remote communication has increased the demand for digitization across all sectors. The main reason for this measure was to bridge the communication gap between all NASPA levels; National, Regional and District.

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“This is vital as it ensures that all the tributary-like channels of the NASPA body can feed into the same metaphorical river. Effective communication is the backbone of any successful symbiotic relationship such as this; and this is a sure-fire way to strengthen relations,” NASPA President Osei Owusu said.


Covid effect

Recent studies conducted in 2020 have shown that landline use has increased by 150per cent since the pandemic began. Not only are they efficient, they are also extremely reliable. In times of an emergency, such as a global pandemic, landline phones provide a consistent, quality connection for everyone to continue to work remotely together without issue.

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According to the NASPA President, the landline telephones would ensure that the Regional and District arms perform business as usual without interruption in the event of a cell tower outage.


According to him, NASPA is also currently working on another exciting project intended to guarantee further ease in working remotely.

The Association intends to effectuate the installation of wireless network connectivity in all the Regional Offices for the benefit of the National Service Scheme and NASPA itself.

“National NASPA will continue to serve the interest of the Association,” he noted.


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