John Boadu denies ‘No NPP varsity certificate, no appointment’ reports

John Boadu, General Secretary of the NPP

The General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party, John Boadu, has disassociated himself from comments attributed to him to the effect that future appointments in an NPP government shall be based on certification acquired from “NPP Varsity”’.

He was responding to reports suggesting that he had said if one does not attend the ‘NPP Varsity’, he/she will not be considered for appointment.


A statement issued by Mr Boadu yesterday described the story “as misleading and a misreportage”.

He stated that the NPP has not decided to set up a party university, and so he couldn’t have said what had been attributed to him.

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He said the party is rather putting up a training institute to, among other things, educate its members on the party’s philosophy, values, history, political strategy and communication.

He explained that the training institute will imbue in the trainees the very tenets of democratic governance and practice from the perspective of centre-right ideals, which underpin the founding of the NPP tradition.

Political will

The decision to set up the training institute was taken by the party’s National Delegates Conference in 2018.

“All that I said was that the party is now ready to fully implement the decision of our highest decision-making body… The technical committee that we formed to work out the mechanics for the setting up of the Training Institute, which includes the Concept Paper and Implementation Roadmap, have finished and submitted their Report to the party, awaiting final approval from NEC, which is expected to meet soon. Details of the implementation modalities will thereafter be made public,” he added.

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The institute is expected to offer training and public education to party office holders and NPP government appointees as well as ordinary party members in line with its founding principles. It is envisaged that in the medium to long term, appointees and potential appointees in an NPP government, as well as officers and potential officers of the party at the national, regional, constituency, electoral area and polling station levels would have received some training at the Institute.

“And so, contrary to what has been attributed to me in the media, I never categorically said, and couldn’t have said, that there will be no appointment or positions for members of the party who fail to attend the NPP Varsity, because there is no such thing like NPP Varsity, to start with,” Mr Boadu emphasized.

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