Efforts to develop disc sports underway

Evans Opoku Bobie, Deputy Youth and Sports Minister

Leadership of the Ghana Flying Disc Association (GFDA) has visited the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Evans Opoku Bobie, to discuss matters affecting disc sports in the country.


The group and the deputy minister discussed measures to promote and develop disc sports games in communities, schools, universities, corporate entities and other sectors of the country.


President of GFDA, Desmond Kwame Mantey, highlighted the key areas of the association’s strategic plan. He mentioned that as part of plans to promote the game, attention would be given to deprived areas, including Zongo communities, in a bid to promote good health, foster peace and unity and create opportunities for the youth in those areas.

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He mentioned that the association is keen on establishing a national disc sports league for all disc sports games to be introduced in the country. Efforts, he added, would be made to ensure that the coaches are well-trained and community youth and school children are given the necessary support and coaching in their quest to learn and master disc sports games.


He explained that disc sports games officially accommodate men, women and mixed gender sports, which serve as a perfect avenue for more girls to participate in sports. He added that the association would vigorously promote girls’ participation in the disc sports games in Ghana.

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He further noted that the philosophy of the ‘spirit of the game’ and the principle on which the disc sports games are based will go a long way in reshaping the minds of the youth in a quest to build a peaceful and just society. He iterated the association’s plans to support the achievement of some SDG’s by developing more green spaces and planting trees in line with the development of the game in Ghana.



The Deputy Minister, Evans Opoku-Bobie, lauded the initiative. He said if successfully is successfully introduced, it will create opportunities for the youth while enhancing their health and wellbeing in general.

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He mentioned that the importance of sports cannot be underestimated, saying the introduction of new sports, especially ones that promote peace and unity like the Ultimate Frisbee game, needs to be embraced in entirety.

He urged the association to ensure that the game is also made available to the youth in deprived areas, pledging the support of his ministry for the agenda to promote the disc sports games in Ghana.


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