Excuses some men give for cheating


These are the most-used explanations given by cheating Nigerian husbands and boyfriends.

A boyfriend or husband that has been caught pants down with another woman will always have an explanation and for Nigerian men there are classic excuses that have been used repeatedly over the years and keep getting used till date.

In no particular order, these are the most-used excuses Nigerian men give for cheating:

Ah, the all-time classic. Just blame it on the devil all the time.

But hey, just hold it right there, sir. It was no devil, it was you all by yourself. You planned it, executed it and got the pleasure all by yourself.

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No one gets blamed more than the devil when people cheat on their partners [Credit: Bona]

I’ll tell you for free what came over you. Selfishness and inconsideration, that’s what.

If you didn’t you would not have planned and executed it the first time, second time, third and other numerous times, with more than one girl.

Sit down, bruh, you meant to hurt her every single time.

Of course you don’t expect anyone to confess to being a serial cheater.


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Another classic one men like to drop is about how other girls are just to beat time and how you are the real one, the only one…

It’s probably just another one of the numerous lies and excuses but as always you’re probably going to fall for it again.

As you’ve always done.


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