Kwabena Agyei Agyepong Calls For No Monetization Of NPP Flagbearership Contest


Aspiring NPP flagbearer hopeful, Kwabena Agyei Agyepong is appealing to party delegates to remain faithful and loyal to the party and it constitution ahead of it upcoming Flagbearership elections, adding that, executives should not monetize the contest to enable them select a unique, competent, visionary and selfless leader to lead the party.

He made this appeal when speaking on UK based Rainbow Radio monitored by Evans Manasseh as part of his media Engagement on a private visit to the United Kingdom. He took the opportunity to visit NPP-UK Branch General meeting as well.

“If given the opportunity to steer the affairs of the Nation it intend to represent the interest and wellbeing of the Good People of Ghana and not that of Political Financiers. This is why money will not be flowing freely from my end as l campaign to become the 2024 Presidential candidate of the NPP”.

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He added that, every well meaning Ghanaian should be concerned about the role of money in contemporary Ghanaian politics.

According to him, If party delegates reward money by voting for candidates who give them money then they should not be surprised or complain when such candidates rewsrd those who finance them instead of the populace when they are given the opportunity to steer the affairs of the Nation. “This is the reason why I always advise party delegates not to follow the money.
We should endeavour to put a stop to the monetization of our politics if we want leaders who will put National Interest above that of their financiers”.

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Mr Agyepong explained, he intend to represent the Good People of Ghana not Political Financiers.



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