4 ways to arouse a man


Dear women, here’s how to get your man to action.

It is important for couples to look for ways to play around in their sexual life to avoid getting monotonous in bed.

When boredom sets in, it can get very difficult to engage in an active and healthy sex life.

And so, it is important try to fish out different ways to arouse and pleasure each other, besides the same old, sex positions.

So ladies, if you are looking for some sexy and kinky ideas to arouse your husband, here are some pretty cool ways. Check these out!

  • Reward 

For every good thing, he does once in a while, reward your husband by doing something sexually that he really fancies. It can be a blowjob, handjob or kissing him on the neck. This is sure to make your man happy and excited for the next good job he is going to do.

  • Massage
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A massage is an amazing way to arouse and stimulate the senses. By giving your husband a good massage, you will help him feel relaxed, calm and most importantly, aroused. You can even go deeper and massage the part near his genitals.

  • Role-play

This is one of the best ways to induce sexual acts into simple life situations that can otherwise be sexy, only if you want it. You can play the role of a stranger who is looking for men to come up to her and your husband can play the role of the charming man who comes and sweeps you off your feet.

  • Masturbate in his presence 
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You can masturbate in front of your partner and feel the ripples of pleasure while watching your man look at you hungrily. This is an extremely kinky and sexy way of arousing your husband. He will definitely love you for this.

Source: Pulse Nigeria


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